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A 1

After midnight

After the storm 

Ah Si!

American Kids

Anthem (SNAP)

Anything for Love 

Beautiful day

Big Bang

Baby belle

Back to the start

Better days

Black coffee

Blue Moon of Kentucky

Cabo san lucas

Canadian Stomp

Chasing down a good time

Chica Boom Boom


Chill factor

Clickety clack

Coffee days and Whiskey nights

Cut a rug


Country boy lovin'

Country Twostep

Cupid shuffle

Cowgirl Twist

Country walkin'

Cowboy charleston

Dance Monkey

Dig Your Heels


Do what You can 

Don't You wish

Down on Your uppers

Easy come easy go

Easy dance

Elektric Slide

Eleven beers

Feel good Rumba

Feel the beat


Get down the Fiddle

Ghost Train

Going Back West

Golden Wedding Ring

Go Shanty

Good time

Green earth  

Groovy Love

Grundy Gallop

Gypsy Queen

Happy, happy, happy

Hearts and flowers

Hillibilly girl

Hold the line

Holly's church

I'm bored

I'm free

I'm on my way

I help you hate me

I love a rainy night

I'm bored

Indian sound

In the valley

It's a beautiful day

Irish Boots

Irish Stew

Jailhouse Creole



Keep it simple

Knee deep

Knockin'  Boots (englisch)

Knockin'  Boots (deutsche ‹bersetzung)

Leaving for Liverpool

Lay low

Let's twist again

Let's don't  

Little Country Race

Little Rhumba

Lonely Drum

Love Ain't

Love lock

Mamma Maria

Mein Herz es brennt

My heart's in Tennessee

Mini Mariana

Narcotic Love

New Tattoo

Not fair

Nothing but You

Paddy's choir

P 3


Patsy Fagan

Pavement Ends

Red hot salsa




Rose Garden

Sixteen step

Ski Bumpus


Soak Up The Sun

Something in the water

Stand by me

Stilbaai Charleston

Storm and Stone

Stroll along c
ha Cha

Summer fly

Sweet Erika

Sweet Ireland

Sweet sweet smile

Tag on

Take me home

Texas stomp

Thank's Mama

Thank You

The boat to liverpool

The smilin dance

The Gambler

The last Shanty

The Newfie Stomp

The Wellermann

Three teachers

Tennessee Son

Texas Hold 'Em

Today & Tomorrow

Tush Push

Twist & Shake

Unlove me

We're good to go

We went

What I am 

Whiskey Bridges

Whiskey Whiskey

White Rose


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